Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Busy, Busy Four Days "Off" Work?

Was I really off work for four days?  It definitely did not feel like it!  It's the ol' proverbial, go back to work to get some rest!    I got in a bunch of doctor appointments along with Kevin, yard work....which by the way takes a while when you have 3 properties, one business, and several acres to manicure!

The playground looks good....for today.....and the fence along the front of the playground is very nice for summer, and the summer holidays.

I did have a lot of fun creating and crafting, which is probably why NO house work got done.   I planned to catch up with the laundry, before it catches up to me, no luck with that.  I planned to do some batch cooking, no luck with that either.  In fact I was lucky to get Kevin and I fed and watered.

This morning came to soon, and there will be a houseful of little ones today.....eight today.  Summertime child care is always "iffy".  Some days are busy, some days only a few kids, c'est la vie!

Enjoy the pictures of some of my busy work from the weekend:

See you tomorrow!

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