Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Batch Cooking, and Mix Making Day!

I like to have things ready for a quick dinner.  You know, the nights you don't feel like cooking, or you are to busy.  Eating out isn't an option for someone who lives 45 minutes from the nearest restaurant, which is really a good food....YUCK!

I also like to cook from scratch.  Americans think we have a huge selection of foods available, but did you know most of the "inner aisles " at the grocery store are not even food..NO FOOD in the product?  TRUE.....a lot of it is man made, chemical laden food "product".   There is an awesome movie "Food, Inc" that will enlighten your views on food.  It's available on Amazon Prime, rental, and is also a book. 

Here are a few things I've made this AM, later I will turn a big ol' package of ground beef into precooked taco meat, precooked sloppy joes, hamburger patties, and meatballs.  That way, come dinner time, this lady is ready for a 5 minute meal!  OH YES!

Click a link below for the recipes:

I don't add the butter to this mix, until I am cooking it.

Lightest pancakes, ever!  Try making pancake bites, place the pancake "dough" into
mini muffin pans and bake, or (like I do) use your handy dandy cupcake maker gadget!
You can make a big batch and freeze them for later!

Thanks for visiting today, have a great Wednesday!


  1. You're one of my favorite people....the info you have on your blog is helpful and uplifting....keep up the good work, my friend! <3

    1. thank you Bonnie, you're always so sweet!