Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday's Daybook

For Today...
Outside my window... Sun is just rising, the birds are singing. I love to hear the birds, it's my favorite music

I am thankful for... my job and wonderful daycare children

From the kitchen... baking for the daycare week ahead, dinners will be very simple since I am only cooking for myself for two months.

I am wearing...white capris, and a blue flowered, tie in the back scrub daycare uniform!

I am reading... The summer Book by Susan Branch

I am hoping... to weed the garden and finish planting

I am creating... A cute little cupcake reversable apron

I am praying... for Kevin to stay safe while we are apart

Around the house... more organization, that's a never ending process

One of my favorite things... the coffee pot ready for me to start in the morning

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you:A view from my backyard.


  1. What a beautiful picture!

    Your cupcake apron sounds so cute! Maybe you can share of picture of it on a future daybook entry. :)


  2. That is a great picture! thanks for sharing :)