Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My "Happy Place"

My Happy Place has a name...... Juneyville.  Do you guys have a real or imaginary happy place?  I highly suggest you get one.  You can escape there and no one is the wiser.  in Juneyville, it is peaceful, green, lots of flowers and birds....It is beautiful and serene there.

Today I am willing to share a tiny glimpse of it to all of you.   Here's a peek:

My favorite window, above the kitchen sink, looking out over the yard, aka, my retreat, sanctuary, Juneyville, serenity....

And here is the view I get.  The land goes beyond the furthest trees, I even have a nature trail set's named "Happy Trails", of course!

So this is what makes me happiest, calms me down, and gives me peace.

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