Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Candles, Soap, and Lotion Bars

I have had quite the productive day! Making up some new soap, candles, and lotion bars in a yummy springtime scent.....Fruit Slices.
I really need to label the lotion bars before someone mistakes them for something yummy to eat!! Don't they look just like a lemon tart?
OK, so my soap isn't the prettiest, but it is the most wonderful soap we've used......we swear by it now, and have had great comments from friends.
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  1. They do look good enough to eat! I'm not keen on making soap no have never tried but I would like to make candles.

  2. I'll walk you through the candle making someday...I was hesitant at first, but my God,it's soooo EASY!!!! I'm going to start doing soy candles though instead of paraffin.

    I LOVE my candles.....and saves lots and lots of money.