Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Weather Outside is Frightful....

(this is a beautiful picture of the untouched snow at the end of our house)

.....But the fire is so delightful! In the daycare today, we are having pajama day...YEA!!!!! We are all in our PJ's, reading books, snuggled on piles of blankets and pillows.
The weather is supposed to turn wicked later in the day. We still have drifts of snow waist deep from the last several snows, with a predicted 4-6 inches more due to come in this afternoon. If that weren't bad enough, the wind will be howling and wind chill temps 30-40* BELOW zero! BRrrrr...........

My plan of attack for the next few days, hunker down, snuggle up and stay inside!

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